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Re: Changes to cvsadmin requests and acls

On Thu, 2007-08-09 at 20:11 +0200, Martin Sourada wrote:
> Let me ask a question. If I previously removed the pkg.acl file (so that
> all people in cvsextras have access to my package) will the 'Cvsextras
> Commits' be set to 'yes' or I'll have to make a cvsadmin request? Hope I
> didn't miss the answer in the text...

If by previously you mean before this week then 'cvsextras commits' will
be yes.  If you mean sometime this week, then it depends on whether you
did it before or after the packagedb was imported.

You can take a look here to find out:

And probably login and change it as well.  If you try changing it,
though, refresh afterwards to make sure the change was saved and be sure
to email me if you run into a bug.


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