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Re: Qemu Fedora 8 (possible enhancement?)

Kelly wrote :

> On Thursday 09 August 2007 09:57:04 pm Mark Bidewell wrote:
> > A few days ago the question of kqemu inclusion in the kernel was discussed
> > on list.  A related question is support for kqemu in qemu.  The default
> > install of qemu in fedora has this support explicitly disabled so even if
> > you wanted to use kqemu (either kmod, dkms, or compiled) you would have to
> > build qemu from source.  Would there be any objection to allowing support
> > for kqemu in the fedora RPM?
> >
> > Mark Bidewell
> Odd, my Qemu works with KQemu...

Yup, same here, the default package uses kqemu just fine.

One catch, though, which I took almost an entire day of searching to
find out : If you use the -smp option, kqemu support will _always_ be
disabled. This is not mentioned in the docs anywhere.


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