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Re: Interesting Relic

On Fri, 10 Aug 2007, Christopher Brown wrote:
On 10/08/07, chris idlelion net <chris idlelion net> wrote:
If any developers out there are up for a challenge...

There's a ThinkPad 860 on eBay. It's got a 166MHz PowerPC 603e CPU and a 1.2GB
SCSI hard disk. The video chip is a GT20; there's a SCSI CD-ROM drive; and the
audio chip is a CS4231. The display is a 12.1" TFT at 1024x768. It shipped with
AIX and was made around 1996.


The boot ROM on that is obviously not New-World (not sure what it'd be, being a non-Apple PPC), so bootstrapping Fedora (or any Linux, I suppose) might be quite the challenge. (Mind, I am running Fedora on a couple Old-World Apples. To say it's complicated would be putting it mildly.)

Yes but Will It Blend?

I think you'd need a fairly big blender. And tough; it IS an old IBM product. :-)

Seriously though, what is the challenge? Also its relevance on
fedora-devel would be good...

To get Fedora running on it? I can appreciate the urge, but I gotta say, that makes my corner cases look like mainstream use. And I've got some pretty crazy corner cases.


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