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Re: Disabling atime

Les Mikesell wrote:
> I'd expect the RedHat-style approach to this to be: add some file
> under /etc/sysconfig like mount-options that contains options that can
> be merged with the ones in /etc/fstab and all of the magic
> automounting bits (this is probably as important on usb flash drives
> as anywhere).
> [snip]
There is something which leap out at me as soon a I saw this: the kind
of person who _needs_ atime, knows how to set it. The majority of people
- especially the home use - has little or no use for it whatsoever. Its
a bit like the way mount fails on a broken fstab, it assumes that if you
are messing with the fstab you know what you are doing. Equally anyone
who _needs_ atime knows what they are doing and how to enable it.

Any sort of fancy /etc/sysconfig trick is more effort than is needed,
when the only change needed to undo it is to remove an option from the

Just because something was always that way doesn't mean it needs to stay
that way - and whatever the numbers, noatime *does* improve performance.


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