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Second Fedora7 problem : KDE login causes system freeze

= Problem =

Logging into KDE with primary (at the time only) user causes total
system freeze when logging and recreating last session.

Freeze is so deep that I can't ssh in, and any current ssh connection
are also frozen.

Hardware reset button works and gets me back to BIOS.

I could find no useful information in any log relevant to the problem.

= Solution =

Eventual solution was to `rm ~/.kde/share/config/kopeterc`

Based on how I arrived at that solution, I have feeling that this
wasn't the only solution

= Cause =

At this time I have no idea what the exact cause is.

I had recently, within hours, added a new tv card (PVR-250) to
machine, I know kopete shows some video sources, but I am not sure if
that is relevant.

Thing is, I can't exactly post the kopeterc file as is, it has a lot
of other people's email address in it.

= Other =

I created a python script to help with the process of elimination
after I found out that
`mv ~/.kde/share/config ~/.kde/share/config.old` allowed me to login
without crashing everything.


Let me know if I can provide any more information

Fedora Core 6 and proud

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