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Re: Feature: Fedora Electronic Lab

sorry; for the last duplicated mails.

I wasn't thinking about a spin for electronics. But since you guys
brought this forward, it is worth to consider. It would be nice to
have Hans and Trond 's embedded items as well inside the spin.

On 8/14/07, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> > A problem with the special purpose spin approach is a particular user
> > might need the focus of two or more spins, then he is back to installing
> > packages anyway.  Spins are great if there really is one purpose, but
> > the main effort seems to need to be in the packaging aspect either way,
> > which Chitlesh seems to have been busy (!) with.

This is quite right.

> Right but spins are good if you want to promote some aspect of Fedora
> and get people interested. For a electronics show distributing a spin
> like this might make sense.

Even for those who heard about Fedora Electronics Lab will try to give
it a try. I guess university lecturers would more likely to

I think there are some important issues to consider for the livecd:
* I may not have enough time to maintain the livecd for other fedora
releases in the future.
* My main focus is to provide those tools through Fedora, do Fedora
marketing via those tools and use them myself.
* Applications such ktechlab and piklab haven't yet been ported to
QT4, this might interfere with the KDE4 movement by kde-sig
* I don't know whether the Fedora Infrastructure is willing to host
another spin as well

However this week I'll try to create a livecd-fedora-electronic-lab.ks
and some documentation around that can be used by anyone. We will see
whether it can be used as example in revisor and friends or not.


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