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Re: dropping gdialog

Hans de Goede wrote:
> Warren Togami wrote:
>> Matthias Clasen wrote:
>>> zenity ships a compatibility script for the old gdialog.  That
>>> script is written in perl, which forces a perl dependency on
>>> zenity. I'd like to drop the script and the dependency from the
>>> rawhide zenity package. repoquery couldn't find anything that
>>> requires either gdialog or /usr/bin/gdialog.  If you know a good
>>> reason why gdialog needs to stay, please let me know, otherwise
>>> it'll be gone soon.
>> Might it be safer to keep gdialog, but remove the dep from the RPM?
> Or put it in a sub-package, sub-packages are good for things like
> this, IMHO we use them way to little.

Seeing that gdialog is essentially a compatibility wrapper for the
gdialog that went with Gnome 1 (or something like that), it doesn't
seem like it's worth much hassle to keep it.  Hell, Fedora doesn't
ship a compat package for things like python 2.4, which is far more
widely used and more recent.  Keeping an ancient compat script around
seems like a waste of Matthias' time.

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