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Re: PulseAudio is now enabled by default on new Fedora installs

On Mon, 20.08.07 23:34, Ville Skyttä (ville skytta iki fi) wrote:

> On Thursday 16 August 2007, Lennart Poettering wrote:
> >    http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/FeaturePulseaudio
> I don't have a Rawhide system to test with nor am I familiar with PA, but does 
> this mean that it would be preferable to move the PA plugin of xine-lib from 
> the xine-lib-extras subpackage to the main xine-lib package?

No. I don't think that the pa plugin for xine is particularly good
code. I wrote it years ago and someone else ported it to a newer PA
and XINE. It hasn't gotten better by that. 

I will give it another look, given that KDE probably needs this.


Lennart Poettering                        Red Hat, Inc.
lennart [at] poettering [dot] net         ICQ# 11060553
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