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Looking for co-maintainers for my packages

Hi all!

now that the package-DB is in production (thanks for your work toshio!)
it makes it a whole lot more easy to become co-maintainer or approve then.

Thus I'd like to really find at least one (better two) co-maintainer for
all of my packages now. Anyone interested? No, I don't want to put all
the load on you, I just want to make sure someone feels responsible for
my packages when I'm flying to the space again, get hit by a bus or are
"away from keyboard" for other reasons.

And sure, of course I'm willing to become co-maintainer for other
packages in exchange.

You can find a list of my packages (¹) at

For easier reference I cut-n-past the list of relevant (¹) packages here:

    * atomix -- Little mind game where you have to build molecules out
of atoms lying around

    * enigma -- Clone of the ATARI game Oxyd (²)

    * ghex -- A binary editor for GNOME

    * gsynaptics -- Settings tool for Synaptics touchpad driver(³)

    * gweled -- Swapping gem game

    * mail-notification -- Mail Notification is a status icon that
informs you if you have new mail

    * python-crypto -- A cryptography library for Python

    * python-html2text -- Converts a page of HTML into clean,
easy-to-read plain ASCII text

    * revelation -- Password manager for GNOME 2 (²)(³)

    * rss2email -- Deliver news from RSS feeds to your smtp server as
text or html mail

    * tiobench -- Threaded I/O benchmark

    * websec -- Web Secretary - Web page monitoring software with


(¹) -- please not that the web-page also lists gmime and icu as mine;
That's partly true, as I'm maintaining those for EPEL (I owned them
myself ages ago when they were not yet moved to Core)

(²) -- has one co-maintainer already

(³) -- I don't use these packages these days. So If you use then and
want to take them over just let me know.

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