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Re: Problems with NetworkManager and autofs/NFS

Dnia 16-08-2007, Cz o godzinie 11:52 -0600, Orion Poplawski napisaƂ(a):
> NetworkManager is currently (in devel and F7) unusable with autofs and 
> NFS mounts.  This is because NetworkManager is stopped very early in the 
> shutdown process (K02) and brings down the network with it.  Then when 
> autofs attempts to unmount any automounted nfs mounts, they fail because 
> the remote machine is not accessible.  Eventually the machine hangs 
> trying to unmount the last nfs mounted directory.  I suppose it might 
> timeout eventually, but it's beyond my patience to wait that long.

  There is similar NFS issue when switching networks with ~ on NFS.

  Wired IP is released before wireless IP is acquired. This cause a
window of network shortage, which in turn make user's ~ (and gconf
settings) unavailable.
  Both problems show NetworkManager problems in IP address management.

Tomasz Torcz
Crocom Computer Systems

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