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Re: Ugly dependency checker

On 08/21/2007 02:12 PM, Jeroen van Meeuwen wrote:
> This [1] is a rather ugly dependency checker for any number of
> repositories. It uses yum to search for requirements that cannot be
> resolved.
> I thought maybe because there's no dependency checking yet on updates
> and such (don't know the details), and I needed this anyway, I'd just
> dump it here and collect some useful comments.
> When executing the script you'll have a few options:
> --config
> 	pass it a yum config with repos listed in it (in fact it's just
> 	walking over all sections, check if they're enabled and take the
> 	name, baseurl and mirrorlist) It doesn't do el-reposdir
> 	thingies.
> --repo
> 	Just check this or that repo (provide full "baseurl")
> --recent
> 	Just check the most recent set of packages and ignore any older
> 	versions of foo, bar and baz
> --efficient
> 	This is the really weird one because I could just iterate over
> 	all packages and try to resolve their requirements one by one,
> 	but in this mode the script just builds a list of requirements,
> 	yum.misc.unique()'s them, and searches the providers for each of
> 	these. Saves like a ton of time.
> --arch
> 	Obvious. Maybe useless. Defaults to i386.
> --debuglevel
> 	Description says: "Whatever debuglevel yum takes" < and that's
> 	true, because the only thing the script does with it is writing
> 	it to the temp yum config.
> Again, one morning rather well-spent.
> [1]
> http://git.fedoraproject.org/?p=hosted/revisor;a=blob_plain;f=scripts/depchecker.py

Not 100% sure what your script does, but have you had a look at repoclose?

Usage: /usr/bin/repoclosure [-c <config file>] [-a <arch>] [-r <repoid>]
[-r <repoid2>]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c CONFIG, --config=CONFIG
                        config file to use (defaults to /etc/yum.conf)
  -a ARCH, --arch=ARCH  check packages of the given archs, can be specified
                        multiple times (default: current arch)
  -b, --builddeps       check build dependencies only (needs source repos
  -r REPOID, --repoid=REPOID
                        specify repo ids to query, can be specified multiple
                        times (default is all enabled)
  -t, --tempcache       Use a temp dir for storing/accessing yum-cache
  -q, --quiet           quiet (no output to stderr)
  -n, --newest          check only the newest packages in the repos


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