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Re: Various License/patent questions

On Tue, Aug 21, 2007 at 05:51:16PM +0200, kwizart wrote:
> * STLport - http://www.stlport.org/doc/license.html
> This is a optional build dependency of OpenCASCADE which will make
> OpenCASCADE built "not supported" by the development team.

Normally (and unless I am wrong, I am not very knowledgable about C++)
STLport shouldn't be needed on fedora, since the native templates are
enough. Wouldn't hurt to have STPport in fedora though. It is in Dries,
and I succesfully used Dries spec file on fedora devel some time ago.

> * omniORB -*  *http://omniorb.sourceforge.net/ - Seems to be GPL

That seems right.

> * scilab - http://www.scilab.org - Scilab (c)INRIA-ENPC
> Their own license seems too restrictive - probably not acceptable.

Not acceptable, since modified versions cannot be sold.

> * z88 - http://www.z88.uni-bayreuth.de -  claims to be GPL but it
> needs openmotif which is not free software (lesstif cannot be used)

I don't know how this could be handled, but it could be in EPEL, maybe
like OLPC only packages.

> But what about an optional BR ?

Maybe coordinate with other repos, that is avoid packaging it in fedora
if it may be in another repo where the BR is possible.


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