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Re: Rebuilds needed for Fedora 8

On 21.08.2007 19:01, Ray Strode wrote:
>>  Obviously we'd like to rely upon the maintainers to rebuild
>> their packages, however with just a week to accomplish this that may be
>> nearly impossible.
> I'm not even sure it's a good idea.  Why would we waste _everyone_'s
> time doing something so mechanical?

Agreed on one side -- but on the other side Extras used the mass rebuild
rebuild-phase in the past to make sure maintainers are still abort, know
how to commit to CVS and stuff like this. That worked and we found lots
of AWOL maintainers like that.

For this time it's likely to late to abuse the mass-rebuild to find AWOL
maintainers. But we nevertheless likely need to find a way to make sure
maintainers are still abort. Talked to Toshio in #fedora-devel about it:

[19:13:22] <       knurd> | ping abadger1999 -- would it make sense to
have a kind of AWOL tracking in the pkgdb? e.g. send out a mail now and
                            then to maintainers and let them flip a bit
in the packagedb to indicate they are still around?
[19:13:43] <       knurd> | abadger1999, or would we need a packagersdb
for that first?
[19:14:55] < abadger1999> | We could track AWOL status in the pkgdb
instead of bugzilla.
[19:15:40] < abadger1999> | It's probably a bit longer term idea and I'd
want FESCo to nail down what the requirements were before I implement it.
[19:16:16] <       knurd> | abadger1999, shall I file a ticket to make
sure it isn't forgotten?
[19:17:13] < abadger1999> | knurd: Please do.  Give it Milestone Future.
[19:17:49] < abadger1999> | knurd: And I'll try to write down questions
I have for FESCo about implementing it.
[19:17:57] <       knurd> | abadger1999, thx



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