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Re: Fedora can't get high resolution display in VMware

孙宗君 wrote:

I install the Fedora 6, 7, 8 Test on VMware work station 6.0, The highest resolution is 800x600. The visible area is so small it is not convevient for me to use. But the Ubuntu can get 1280x1024 or higher resolution. My display adapter is Nvidia 7600GS 256M. What is the difference between the X server of Ubuntu and Fedora? Can Fedora improve the that?

xorg.conf probably sets the wrong vertical and horizontal refresh rates.

Administration -> Display -> Hardware -> Monitor Type -> Configure should let you choose your monitor and set the correct parameters on the Monitor Section of xorg.conf. Click the checkbox to see All Monitors, and select yours.

But, it probably won't work :( At least it didn't for me. So look up your monitor specs in Ubuntu ( or even better look at xorg.conf in Ubuntu ) and copy them over to xorg.conf in F8T1. That's what I just did this a.m.


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