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how long for a build to be available in devel buildroot?


How long should it take to have a newly build package to become usable
as a BuildRequires in devel? I was under the impression that it was
immediately available?

Looking at the doc in the wiki and at koji website, it seems that there
are tags that corresponds with packages in the buildroot, like
as seen in 'Targets building from this tag'. And tags that correspond
with collections like dist-f8. However in the inheritance graph for
dist-f8-build it seems that dist-f8 are available in builds (which is
quite logical). But is this dependence immediately available?

I think that these issues, especially the inheritance, should be 
documented at the end of 

The practical use case is that I would like to rebuild grads against the
latest libnc-dap build that I submitted some hours ago, but latest build
I fired was against an old release.


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