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Spin license

Can Spin [1] be packaged for Fedora?  Section 0 (Overview) of [2]
says, in part (with one obvious typo fixed):

"Spin is distributed in source form to encourage research in formal
verification, and to help support a friendly and open exchange of
algorithms, ideas, and tools. The software itself has a copyright from
Lucent Technologies and Bell Laboratories, and is distributed for
research and educational purposes only (i.e., no guarantee of any kind
is implied by the distribution of the code, and all rights are
reserved by the copyright holder). For this general use of Spin, no
license is required.

Commercial application of the Spin software is also allowed, but
requires the acceptance of a basic license. Refer to the Spin Public
license for details."

The Spin Public license is available here [3].  It specifically allows
for modifications, in a way that seems to me to be reasonable, but I
am neither a lawyer nor an expert on licenses.

[1] http://spinroot.com/
[2] http://spinroot.com/spin/Man/README.html
[3] http://spinroot.com/spin/spin_license.html

Jerry James

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