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Re: Spin license

On 8/22/07, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
> The bottom red text includes "Non-commercial use is restricted to
> educational use only" which is a use restriction but it isn't clear
> whether this is part of the license or not and this seems to be in
> contradiction with the readme although the license would prevail in this
> instance.

I'm pretty sure that the red text at the top and bottom of the webpage
are site banner text and not the text of the actual license. But, to
be sure I downloaded the source tarball to look at the license text
there. The provide src tarball does NOT include this license. Either
as an additional text file or in the source code comments.

The provided  tarball http://spinroot.com/spin/Src/spin430.tar.gz
has licensing flags which strictly limit commercial usage. So even if
this license was okay, you'd have to make sure that it was okay to
remove the current licensing messages and replace them with the
commercial license. And its not clear that you are able to do that.

Even if the Spin Public License is acceptable  I don't think we could
include the available codebase as is. What we really really need, is
an upstream release that is already self-consistently licensed with
the spin public license. The tarball I found was not.

example licensing statement in the actual distributed code:
/***** spin: flow.c *****/

/* Copyright (c) 1989-2003 by Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories.     */
/* All Rights Reserved.  This software is for educational purposes only.  */
/* No guarantee whatsoever is expressed or implied by the distribution of */
/* this code.  Permission is given to distribute this code provided that  */
/* this introductory message is not removed and no monies are exchanged.  */
/* Software written by Gerard J. Holzmann.  For tool documentation see:   */
/*             http://spinroot.com/                                       */
/* Send all bug-reports and/or questions to: bugs spinroot com            */


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