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Re: Rebuilds needed for Fedora 8

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Michael Schwendt wrote:
> The one pitfall in the ?tg_format=plain bugzilla list linked above is
> that not every user name is an email alias, which you could construct
> by appending the primary Fedora Project domain. The list includes some
> group names, which are mapped to a completely different email address
> using the account system. Hence a second list from the FAS needs to
> be retrieved.

Minor clarification which doesn't affect the end result of any of the
above: The list only contains account names ATM.  However, some of those
account names do not belong to any groups in the account system.  Those
accounts do not get aliases of the form username fedoraproject org since
we want to avoid people applying to the account system solely to get
email aliases.

You can retrieve the list from FAS that Michael Schwendt mentions by
hitting this URL:


If you are connecting from a non-Fedora Infrastructure box you must go
through Apache Basic auth to get that page (FAS username and password).

- -Toshio
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