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Re: kde4 status for f8: off the table? likely

Rex Dieter wrote:
Rex Dieter wrote:

Josh Boyer wrote:

On Sat, 18 Aug 2007 17:24:06 -0500
Will probably happen:
*  kde4 runtime/development landing in rawhide in time for test2
(*crosses fingers*)
That would be nice.  If for some reason it fails to happen by test2,
are you still going to attempt to push it into f8?  If so, why?
Likely yes, I'll try my best because it's that important, imo.  And, ok,
to be honest, to save face, because that's what I promised at akademy I
would help make it (shipping kde4 in f8) happen. :)

OK, my pragmatic honest assessment of the situation(1) is that kde4 will not
be landing any time soon and certainly not for test2.  The impact of this
is that FeatureKDE4 is likely off the table for shipping in f8.

Work for f8 final release will focus on polishing the kde3 desktop

That said, work on kde4 will certainly continue, and any additional
assistance/help is always welcome.  My best guess is that kde4 can/will
land sometime soon after f8 ships.

-- Rex

(1) Most of the active KDE SIG members aren't available for doing a lot of
the required work over the coming weeks, including Than(illness), Kevin
(vacation), me (just plain busy @ work, start of fall academic semester

p.s. suck, crap, blast, ?#!#$#! $?   please don't confuse the civility of
this message to imply anything close to my happiness with this situation. If I could hole myself up for days/weeks to work to make it happen, I

I've said it once, and hopefully proven it with my ppc64 fix, if its just a Fedora manpower problem, I'm willing to sync some time into this. I'm sure you can find others too. I will need guidance though, so if you think a couple of less kde experienced volunteers can pull it of, lets start looking for more volunteers and start calling yourself a manager :)



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