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Re: installing more fonts by default for better international coverage

On Fri, 2007-08-24 at 10:01 +0200, n0dalus wrote:
> On 8/22/07, Jens Petersen <petersen redhat com> wrote:
> >
> > So I would like to propose we start installing the following fonts by
> > default on the desktop:
> >
> > fonts-ISO8859-2, fonts-KOI8-R, fonts-arabic, fonts-chinese,
> > fonts-hebrew, fonts-indic, fonts-japanese, fonts-korean, fonts-sinhala,
> > and xorg-x11-fonts.
> >
> > I believe the mainstream commercial desktop OS's already do this.
> >
> > dejavu-fonts and dejavu-fonts-experimental also occur in quite a few
> > language groups, so they might be worth including too?
> >
> > Any comments or suggestions on this?
> >
> If the packages are on the disc already, then by all means install
> them by default (people who don't want them can unselect them on the
> customization screen). The problem would be if marking them as default
> meant they ended up in LiveCDs, where I think space is too scarce to
> justify the extra fonts. In other words, marking them as default
> should not cause them to be dragged into a spin that didn't already
> have those packages -- I don't know if this 'default-if-available'
> mode is possible with the current installer/spinner.
> n0dalus.

I would however oppose that on LiveCDs it is more desired. We'd like our
Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc. users to be able to use their language
in the LiveCD, don't we? Either put them (meaning the fonts and
translations) there or make international variants of the CDs. I think
the former is better solution. If it would mean that we cannot fit into
CD than discuss how can we optimise the package collection (well, we
don't fit on CD for x86_64 version already, anyway).

Just my 2 cents,

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