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Re: must send modifications license acceptable?

Patrice Dumas wrote:

In TeX Live there are at least 2 licenses with the obligation to send
 *   This is dvips, a freely redistributable PostScript driver
 *   for dvi files.  It is (C) Copyright 1986-2004 by Tomas Rokicki.
 *   You may modify and use this program to your heart's content,
 *   so long as you send modifications to Tomas Rokicki.  It can
 *   be included in any distribution, commercial or otherwise, so
 *   long as the banner string defined below is not modified (except
 *   for the version number) and this banner is printed on program
 *   invocation, or can be printed on program invocation with the -?
 *   option.

For makeindex there is a rather classical license with:
"All modified versions should be reported back to the author."

A requirement to send modifications to anybody is non-free. A request to do so as in the Academic Free License is not.


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