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Re: desktop-file-install

2007/8/25, Debarshi 'Rishi' Ray <debarshi ray gmail com>:
> > I 'spose strictly we could also then allow the use of desktop-file-validate
> > for cases like this...
> * If we are using desktop-file-validate for validation puposes, should
> we use it in %prep or in %install?

You shouldn't use desktop-validate from within your spec file because
it will output rationnal (that's it's aim actually)... Instead, you
have to follow the guideline and still uses:

desktop-file-install --vendor=""                                    \
  --delete-original                                                         \
  --dir=%{buildroot}%{_datadir}/applications             \

The main reason is that .desktop file version of the format may
evolve, then if you valide it once, this is not sure that the .desktop
file will be valid all the time...

At this time, Fedora 8's desktop-file install is not permissive as
Fedora 7 was about the .desktop format. The build may fails if you
have set for example Version=%{version} as the version of the package,
because this field is for the .desktop file version (which 1.0 is the

> * Should we use desktop-file-validate whenever there is a .desktop
> involved, irrespective of whether we use desktop-file-install to
> install/modify it?
desktop-file-validate is used if you want to check for yourself, but
it is not used from within a spec file...

Theses links is if you want more infos about how to uses entries from
a .desktop file

Nicolas (kwizart)

> Regards,
> Debarshi
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