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Re: Pirut: Edit -> Repositories mock-up -- Part 3.

> Maybe add an option to load a repo file to get all the info off?

Good idea. I  was wondering whether we should have an intermediate
dialog between the main repository manager window and the final add
new repository dialog. In this intermediate dialog, we can have
choices like:

* Fedora LiveCD
* Fedora DVD
* Import (ie. from a given .repo file)
* Custom

I do not want to have an option for importing from RPMs, since
system-install-packages already does a good enough job with them.

> I assume the ticks are to do with which repo's are enabled?

You assumed correctly.

> Since there is a chance we will have presto enabled by default, maybe
> a tickbox (and baseurl) for that too?

Good idea, again. But will Presto make it in Fedora 8?

> Just wondering what the Repo ID is for? Is it needed? (I assume that
> options for using offline media are elsewhere)

The Repo ID is usually just a short hand notation of the more detailed
repository name. eg., in the following configuration 'fedora' is the
Repo ID and Fedora 7.90 -i386 is the name of the repository.

name=Fedora 7.90 - i386
enabled = 0

If you are using a offline media then the Base URL and Mirror List
will most likely be on the local file system itself. In such cases,
you just have to use the file chooser buttons and  provide the
appropriate path.

> I am an end user, so I am just mentioning the questions that occur to me.

That is really helpful. Keep it up.

Happy hacking,
GPG key ID: 63D4A5A7
Key server: pgp.mit.edu

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