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Re: desktop-file-install


> Actually, it's not --vendor="", it's --vendor="<vendor_id>", with the
> explanation of vendor_id just below the examples:
>     * If upstream uses <vendor_id>, leave it intact, otherwise use
>       fedora as <vendor_id>.
>     * It is important that vendor_id stay constant for the life of a
>       package.
>   This is mostly for the sake of menu-editing (which bases off of
>   .desktop file/path names).

Actually,no one remembers why --vendor was added in the first place.
It's a bad idea, and I made it optional a few desktop-file-utils
releases ago.

One reason it's a bad idea is because it makes our desktop files have
a different name than the upstream desktop files.  Any code that needs
the name of the desktop file needs to be patched to use our name.
It's just broken.

I would remove --vendor for new rawhide packages completely.  If
desktop-file-install is too old to not have vendor at all, then
--vendor "" or --vendor the-name-of-the-file-without-.desktop  is


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