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Re: source file audit - 2007-08-26

On 8/27/07, Kevin Fenzi <kevin scrye com> wrote:
> ok, here's another run of the sources file audit script I have been
> playing with. It has the following changes from the previous version:
> - It now includes and is sorted by the owners fedora account name.
> - It should be checking PatchN lines with URLs.
> - I tried to add more checking for when a source wasn't downloaded
> properly.
> Please do let me know if anyone spots false positives or issues...


> limb:BADSOURCE:be_utf8.zip:moodle
> limb:BADSOURCE:bg_utf8.zip:moodle
> limb:BADSOURCE:bs_utf8.zip:moodle

etc.  As the most recent ex-maintainer of moodle, I can tell you that
your script will almost always list a bunch of language files for
moodle.  That's because there are no version numbers in the file
names.  You have to distinguish them by timestamp.  :-(  The script
output just says that upstream has released new versions of some of
the language files.  But since there tend to be several language file
releases per week, the maintainer can't realistically roll out new
packages every time there is an update.

I suggest stripping the moodle language packs out of your report.  The
script is technically correct, but the information isn't helpful.

Jerry James

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