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Rarian obsoleting scrollkeeper causes EVR issues


With rarian replacing scrollkeeper in FC8, I am unable to build my package as rarian fails to return the correct omf directory from the command:

rarian-sk-config --omfdir



I have attached a patch to revert the rarian-compat script (in this case rarian-sk-config) to output the correct directory as in keeping with traditional scrollkeeper activity.

I'd appreciate comments from anyone in the know as to why rarian is replacing scrollkeeper in fc8 when it doesn't appear to be feature complete yet (by its own admission in the documentation) and whether it is possible to have rarian and scrollkeeper living side-by-side in the meantime as the whole rarian-compat set of scripts seem broken on my machine. Failing that, the correct method for outputting omfdirs on rarian would be awesome. :)


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