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Exceptions for Java

I don't see any Java-related technologies on the Exceptions list,
which makes me wonder what the BuildRequires should be for a small
Java package with no external dependencies.  Since the default javac
is /usr/bin/ecj (from eclipse-ecj), the default jar is
/usr/bin/fastjar (from libgcj), and the default javadoc is
/usr/bin/sinjdoc (from sinjdoc), I could write:

  BuildRequires: eclipse-ecj, libgcj, sinjdoc

but then /usr/bin/javac, /usr/bin/jar, and /usr/bin/sinjdoc are
managed by alternatives.  The thing is, I've looked in several F-7
Java packages, and I don't see any such thing in the BRs, not even BRs
on /usr/bin/javac, etc.  What's the right thing to do?

Incidentally, while looking for an answer to this question, I came
across http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/NativeJava, which appears to be
incorrect for F-7.  The java-gcj-compat package is no longer relevant,
is it?

Jerry James

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