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Re: Plan for tomorrows (20070830) FESCO meeting

On 29.08.2007 20:18, Brian Pepple wrote:
> /topic FESCO-Meeting -- Follow-up -- obsoleting kmod proposal:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DavidWoodhouse/KmodProposal - dwmw2, f13,
> |DrJef|

Wow, lot's of words -- seems we are really on our way to "Bureaucratic 2.0".

Well, as I'm one of those that was a major driver for kmod's in Fedora
Extras: +1 for the proposal. If anyone wonders why it gets my support:
it was something different when we had Core and Extras (that's the short
explanation, but I think it should make the biggest reason obvious).

Nevertheless some comments:

- if we are doing "Bureaucratic 2.0" then let's please do the easy steps
as well and discuss a proposal like this on the list properly for some
days(¹) and don't try it in nearly hiding mode by just mention it in a
"Plan for tomorrows FESCO meeting" where it easily missed.

E.g. cut'n'paste the whole text into a mail, give it a subject with
"RFC", put some introducing words on the top and send it to fedora-devel
for comments. Earlier the 24 hours before the FESCo meeting it might be
ratified in please, to give people a chance to comment on proposals,
even if they are 24 afk

- (partly a question for the Packaging committee as well) The current
Kernel Module standard was not only meant for Fedora, but for RHEL also
and a suggested one for 3rd party Fedora-repos as well. Are those still
a goal? If not: will the stuff simply be removed from the Guidelines, to
make them easier to read?


(¹) -- Or did I miss such a RFC? If yes: sorry.

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