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Re: util-linux missing from build root

Mike McGrath wrote:
AFAIK this hasn't changed at all:


I'm sorry that what you assumed would be there isn't, but what we say will be there (as listed in the Packaging Guidelines) is as it always was. The implicit list has been removed but the explicit list hasn't changed and without FESCo approval, won't.

Blah blah.

I have packages broken because basic programs like 'awk' and 'getopt' are missing. All my Fedora contributions need to be rebuilt which is going to take hours.

The aim of Fedora's team should be to encourage outside developers to contribute, because **if outside developers are pissed like this and leave for other friendlier distributions** then Fedora itself will be destroyed.

So pointing to nebulous package guidelines as above is not just unhelpful, but rude and will damage Fedora. Instead, you should be working hard to help contributors and not changing everything underneath them on whim.


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