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Re: jabberd upgrade

On 30.08.2007 10:34, Adrian Reber wrote:
> The current version of jabberd in the development branch is
> 2.0-0.s11.14.fc8. The 2.0 branch of jabberd is however not anymore
> maintained. They have switched to 2.1 which unfortunately has different
> config files which cannot be converted and the database layout has also
> been changed. This means that no automatic update is possible and that
> it has to be reconfigured after an update.
> My question is what is the best way to offer the new version?
> I would wait until F8 is released; update it to 2.1 in rawhide and
> mention in the F9 release notes that manual intervention is required.

Is it really wise to wait? Imagine a really bad and next to
improssible-to-fix issue turns up in 2.0 in the next 15 months (e.g.
until F8 is EOL)...

Further: Users have to adjust their stuff in any case sooner or later,
so why not in F8, which is still some weeks away, so there is still time
to bring 2.1 in shape (as long as upstream is in shape) and document the
fact in the release notes.

IOW: I vote for shipping it in F8, even if it's normally to late for new

Just my 2 cent


(¹) BTW -- is such a update a new Feature at all? How exactly do we
define "Feature"?

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