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Re: Proposed changes to buildsys-build group (otherwise known as the Exceptions list)

On Fr August 31 2007, Jesse Keating wrote:

> Please respond with your comments / questions.  I'd like to make these
> changes as soon as possible to avoid more churn in spec files.

I do not really care, what is wanted in the buildsys-build group, but imho we 
should revive the full exception list (all packages that are dependencies of 
the buildsys-build group) and add them to buildsys-build group. Then once 
every in every Fedora release development cycle check, whether the full 
exception list changed (i.e. more or less packages are being installed as 
dependencies for the minimal packages) and then adjust the buildsys-build 
group and announce this in fedora-devel-announce. Otherwise it is not really 
possible to make sure that every BR is really in the spec with a rebuild in 


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