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Re: ubuntu bulletproof x

Yaakov Nemoy wrote:

The main use this gives is you can let a user try the binary driver, and
if it tanks, you can use the GUI to go back to the open source or vice

Really though a simple ordering like:
1. Users current xorg.conf
2. No x.org conf - default driver
3. Try another driver in list (like fglrx or radeon)
4. Try vesa.
5. lose.

So you have either a choice to lose, and let the user feel helpless
and out of control, or you give them at least a chance to try
something out.  If the user is intelligent, even if he's not
technically oriented, he can then say "I tried the following settings
and they all didn't work."

Not that I'm going to say this is the best implementation either, but
it's better than just a BSOD (Black Screen of Doom).

The biggest problem I've seen with X is having to provide modelines for equipment not included in the stock setup. Is there any way that when someone computes their own modelines and it comes up working that the system could automatically ask permission to post the settings to a central database so others with matching hardware would not have to repeat the work?

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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