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Re: Developing Fedora Derivative distro yum "priority" question

On 8/31/07, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
> "You may also not then say that your product "contains Fedora" or is an
> alternate "edition" of Fedora. You may say that your product is "a
> derivative of Fedora" or is "built upon Fedora", but you must make it
> clear that your product is NOT Fedora"
> This is based on "fair use" and you don't need explicit permission.

You know, we should probably consider stating a single preference for
how to communicate this. And make the stated preference easy to find
in the text instead of buried in the middle of a longer paragraph.
For example would we be okay stating something like this.

</begin hypothetical statement: do NOT take out of context>
The Fedora Project would prefer that you use the following text if you
wish to state that your distribution is a derivative of Fedora:

"The <Name of Distribution> distribution is derived in-part from
sources and/or binaries from the Fedora(tm) Project."

We prefer you use this statement because we feel that such a statement
is adequate in preventing potential confusion between Fedora's
offerings and derived works.
</end hypothetical>

I could probably also come up with a paragraph long text that I would
ask derived projects to use in places like an "About" section on their
website, which takes a little more space to clearly delineate the
upstream downstream relationship between such a derived project and
the Fedora Project.

-jef"Still hoping we can come up with a secondary logo mark for all
derived distributions to use to easily show a sibling relationship
across distributions which are making use of Fedora Community

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