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Re: Making "upstream" tarballs available

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Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
>> We can add the  recommendation but we can't eliminate the "SRPM is
>> canonical" language as long as people still want the SRPM to be the
>> canonical location.  To remove the exception, you'll have to talk to the
>> devs involved to see whether they're against moving into hosted.fp.o.
>> If everyone wants to we'd be happy to get rid of the exception :-)
> The next thing would be is to list out the packages which has the
> packages as the canonical source, contact the developers and ask them if
> they are willing to move to hosted. 

Seth is working on this.  I haven't looked at it because not all
packages are reviewed yet.... and therefore not all packages are going
to have proper Source: lines or comments conforming to the Guidelines.

> We might get valuable input on where
> hosted is lacking for them and we can finally announce hosted as not
> being in beta anymore if that is still the status.
That's true.  Although there are a few things that hosted definitely
lacks before we're ready to take it out of beta.  Off the top of my head:

* free form web space.  That allows hosting yum repos for the projects,
download sites, non-trac-wiki space, etc.

* Move the repositories to a separate server from the one that hosts our
package SCM.  (Waiting on hardware for this)

- -Toshio
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