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Re: Fedora i386 rawhide rebuild in mock status 2007-12-01

Hi Sebastian Vahl!

 On Sun, Dec 02, 2007 at 03:50:52PM +0100, Sebastian Vahl wrote next:

> > kdevelop-3.5.0-4.fc8 (build/make) than,,rdieter,kkofler
> There seems to be a change in newer mock versions: /etc/profile/qt.sh isn't 
> sourced anymore and so the qt includes would not be found. It's still working 
> in koji (with an older mock version?)
> I've only looked in some of the packages, they are not using this scriplet:
> unset QTDIR || : ; source /etc/profile.d/qt.sh
> At least my package (koverartist) builds again if I insert this scriplet. But 
> IMHO this shouldn't be needed.

16:41 < _andy> rdieter, Did I miss heads-up?
16:41 < rdieter> apparently.  we sent notices to fedora-devel,
fedora-devel-announce, fedora-testers
16:42 < _andy> Could I use kdelibs3-devel in F-8 and/or F-7 ?
16:42 < rdieter> _andy: yes.
16:42 < _andy> rdieter, thnx
16:43 < rdieter> _andy: see "kde4 notice of rawhide doom"
http://rdieter.livejournal.com/ for more references.

With best regards,
Andy Shevchenko.      mailto: andy smile org ua

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