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Re: Fedora x86_64 rawhide rebuild in mock status 2007-12-01

Matt Domsch wrote:
This is a full top-to-bottom rebuild of rawhide using mock 0.8.10
running on 7 Fedora 8 builders.  The rpmdiff results have been
enhanced to ignore dist tag mismatches, so every package now has an
rpmdiff comparsison against it's corresponding binary RPM in rawhide,
even if the dist tag has changed to .fc9 in this rebuild.

First, let me stress how much I appreciate this effort, its a great service, I always check these to make sure all my 180 packages keep building, so that when its time for a mass rebuild I have a relatively easy job.

With that said, could you please fix your scripts to do something smart when the build fails in such a way that there are no relevant results?

These 5 have an almost emtpy build.log:

They have in common that there seem to have been 2 attempts, one with an older version and one with the version linked to above, the builds with the older version have a completely empty result dir.

Also interesting is bolzplatz2006, that is in your list of packages which failed to build, but it is not listed here:

Most likely this is due to a race condition in your scripts, bolzplatz got added to rawhide around the time you did the rebuilts (and it built fine).

Thanks & Regards,


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