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Re: firefox vs epiphany

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Yaakov Nemoy wrote:
> On Dec 2, 2007 2:55 PM, Louis E Garcia II <louisg00 bellsouth net>
> wrote:
>> What is the reasoning for making firefox the default instead of
>> epiphany for the gnome desktop? Does epiphany lack certain
>> features?
> 125 million users can't be wrong ;)
> http://john.jubjubs.net/2007/11/27/mozilla-firefox-market-share/
> -Yaakov
I think what makes the most sense is to have Firefox as the default as
that's all the newbies will care about.  Can you imagine.  "This linux
distro doesn't even have Firefox?  What kind of lame distro is this!"
There's nothing to stop anyone who knows better from installing
Epiphany.  I started using it a while back and I love it.  In fact, it
had "Places" way before Firefox 3.  It also appears to load a lot
faster and not bog down my computer as much as Firefox.  I'm also not
an add-on junkie.  The latest extensions for Epiphany in Fedora 8,
which includes GreaseMonkey, should probably cover most people.
However, if you're heavy on the extension use, you should not use
Epiphany.  Like any other choice in FOSS, it comes down to you using
whatever you want.  That's the beauty of the overwhelming number of

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