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Re: firefox vs epiphany

David Nielsen wrote:
søn, 02 12 2007 kl. 23:24 -0500, skrev Mike A. Harris:

The browser usage statistics freely available over the net more or less speak for themselves though IMHO.

So we should be using IE? It's the most used browser afterall, and this
argument only helps to keep Firefox on the basis that it's always been
in the lead of the open source browsers so it must be best.

IE is not an open source web browser, nor is it available for Linux, so there are two important reasons why IE is not feasible for use as the default web browser in Fedora. Not sure why you think IE should be the default for Fedora, but I've seen people suggest stranger things so...

I use Epiphany, it does what I need without looking out of place, it
integrates nicely and it launches much faster. It lacks a few things but
it also leverages a lot of nice features (seemless integration with
GNOME, adopts theme, icons. Has more consistent translations which don't
break with version upgrades) and it has a powerful plugin system so we
can expand it in interesting ways.

I think it is great that Epiphany meets your needs, and I encourage you to use it if you find it to your preference.

Mike A. Harris

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