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Re: firefox vs epiphany

Callum Lerwick wrote:
On Mon, 2007-12-03 at 05:38 +0100, David Nielsen wrote:
I use Epiphany, it does what I need without looking out of place, it
integrates nicely and it launches much faster. It lacks a few things but
it also leverages a lot of nice features (seemless integration with
GNOME, adopts theme, icons. Has more consistent translations which don't
break with version upgrades) and it has a powerful plugin system so we
can expand it in interesting ways.

Epiphany can't seem to block cookies like Galeon can. I have it set so
it accepts session cookies, but blocks all long term cookies. This keeps
most sites functional. From there I can easily white list sites that I
*want* to be able to store cookies with a single click, i.e. all the
sites I actually log in to.

I use the "Cookie Safe" plugin for Firefox for cookie management, which is pretty cool. It puts a nice icon in the firefox status bar which you can use to easily allow cookies on a site temporily, for session, or permanently, or revoke it at any time at the click of a mouse button or so, as well as the ability to view/remove individual cookies, and various other useful things. While Cookie Safe is very flexible and powerful, and is very easy to use mind you, the overwhelming majority of users out there probably never need this level of functionality - but then that's why it's an addon, and not built right in to firefox I guess. ;o)

Unsure how it adds up to what is available for Galeon or Epiphany though.

Keeps my disk untainted by doubleclick bugs and whatnot, while not
hurting usability on the sites I actually use. And I'm not constantly
nagged about accepting cookies.

Yup, I use AdBlock Plus to get rid of all the ad-noise online, and also as a side effect for web browser stability because a lot of the advertising out there is flash based and causes browser crashes whenever flash does something bad. With Cookie Safe, I have browser cookies totally disabled by default everywhere, and when I find a site that I actually *want* to set cookies on, I just click on the cookiesafe icon in the status bar, and then click on "Allow cookies from foo.com", or if it is a site that requires cookies, but which I don't want to just allow it always, I will choose "Allow cookies temporarily for foo.com", and when I'm done I usually go back and deny them again rather than waiting for session end. It's much easier to do it right there while looking at the page, than it is to go into Firefox's default cookie management which is buried deep in the preferences dialog hierarchy.

I'm quite an anti-cookie junkie though too, and I suspect most users just accept them by default and aren't concerned about their privacy or whether they're being tracked by big evil advertising corporations, etc.

Galeon is clearly the superior browser. I demand it be made default! I

Hehe. I always liked Galeon. It's small and cute and pretty quick. I use it once in a while for some things, but it could never be my primary browser per se.

Mike A. Harris

Come and join us on the #fedora8 IRC help forum on irc.freenode.net

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