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Re: firefox vs epiphany

Jonathan Dieter wrote:
On Sun, 2007-12-02 at 22:41 +0100, Martin Sourada wrote:
I believe that as epiphany requires firefox it is saner to have firefox
as default. This could however IMHO change once the epiphany will be
built against xulrunner. IMHO, if it will be smaller than firefox, as in
how much MB will it need, we should use it at least in the desktop live
At least for me the only functionality it lacks is absence of sane
session saving (you need to killall epiphany to make it remember the

On our school system, we offer both firefox and epiphany (with epiphany
being the default).  In Sabayon (Gnome's user profile editor), Firefox
integration leaves much to be desired.  Any attempts to set bookmarks
don't get properly saved and you are also unable to save whether or not
certain toolbars are shown (does anyone actually *use* the Bookmarks
toolbar).  Firefox also takes a relatively long time to start and it's
awkward to use when students are logged into more than one computer at a

Ever since Netscape acquired the Personal Bookmark Toolbar, I have created hierarchial folders of bookmarks, with the primary categories of bookmarks being directly on the personal toolbar. I do not ever create any bookmarks that are not on the toolbar or subfolders of the toolbar, and I've often wondered if anyone else out there ever set bookmarks outside of the bookmark toolbar. ;o)

I just assumed everyone used the bookmark toolbar exclusively (in any web browser) by default for ages now due to the great utility it provides. Perhaps I was wrong, and there's one person out there who doesn't use it. Doh! ;o)

Using the "Foxmarks" firefox addon, I synchronize my firefox bookmarks to a local ftp server (http and https also supported), and share bookmarks between all of my computers running firefox, including sharing between operating systems. So my bookmark toolbar is unified throughout the house. Works great.

On the flip side, Epiphany is missing the search window and all Firefox
extensions, which means that I really prefer Firefox for my use.  If
Epiphany would include the search window, that would probably be enough
for me to use it for everyday things.

Yeah, if Epiphany could use all firefox extensions, and include all of the features firefox has which I use that Epiphany doesn't have, it'd probably be something I could try using for everyday productivity. ;o)

Mind you, Epiphany is great for doing a quick search online, or for reading a recipe while preparing a meal, with less memory overhead than firefox. That leaves a lot more memory for nautilus to gobble up rather than having to wait a bit longer for swap thrashing while nautilus gets swapped out when firefox loads. ;o)

Mike A. Harris

Come and join us on the #fedora8 IRC help forum on irc.freenode.net

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