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Re: firefox vs epiphany

Mike A. Harris wrote:
I just poked around with epiphany a few minutes ago before writing this, and found it lacks various features that I would consider "must have" for my own personal use, which firefox has, and that's ignoring the plethora of existing firefox plugins I use currently. If I add the firefox plugins I use, epiphany becomes much less attractive to me. Mind you, in no way am I trying to "prove" anything to anyone else in saying so, nor do I feel the need to. I'm perfectly happy just continuing to use that which works best for me, and which meets my own needs, and avoiding epiphany, which very much does not meet my needs, and I figure the original poster above probably feels the same way. ;o)

Ultimately, which browser should be the default depends on the overall goals of the distribution, and should take into account all sorts of criteria. Said "criteria" is going to be coming from very different groups of users with very very different goals and requirements. There will never be one solution that is going to please everybody really.

While I *really* try to migrate from Firefox to Epiphany with each GNOME/Fedora release and fail each time, going back to FF for whatever missing feature, I think this is a discuss worth having: for other cases (like BitTorrent, where the default was changed to Transmission, which I absolutely love) we have by default the simpler, "less featured", but better integrated and easier to use application, leaving for the expert user, who need the extra-features, to change the default.

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