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Re: firefox vs epiphany

>>>>> "DL" == Denis Leroy  writes:


>> Galeon is clearly the superior browser. I demand it be made
>> default! I AM THE COMMUNITY!

DL> Nope you're not, galeon is my primary browser too :-). And it
DL> quits when I type 'Ctrl-Q'. And it uses my Gnome font and proxy
DL> settings. And it loads about 10 times faster than
DL> firefox. (Seriously, firefox is slower to start than gimp).

I, too, am a long-time galeon user and firefox is definitely not a
good replacement for a true GNOME browser.  Actually, major galeon
development has ceased upstream (although they continue to maintain
the package and fix bugs), and all galeon features are, in theory,
supposed to be merged into epiphany:


(The original epiphany fork from galeon was very unfortunate and set
back the development of a good GNOME webbrowser by several years, and
could have been resolved by introducing a plugin system in galeon,
rather than forking into epiphany, but that's ancient history now.)

In any case, this seems like a good idea in the long-run because it
means there is more developer mind-share on a single GNOME browser
Although I'm not sure how active this project is these days, more's
the pity (that page has only been edited twice in 2007, and it was
created back in late 2005).  Last time I checked epiphany still
doesn't have the fine-grained handling of cookies that I continue to
rely on in galeon.  Once that it is done, I'd be happy to switch to


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