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Sun releases APOC

While stuff released by Sun Microsystems is not really what fedora-devel
is usually about, this little piece of technology, with a design simple
enough for every admin to understand, does change a lot in enterprise
deployment, and seems to be a natural complement to the FreeIPA project.

What it is all about is rather simple: Having a "centralized storage for
application and desktop configuration". In APOC's case it's a LDAP
server. I can only dream of the day in which my GAIM and Evolution
settings can be loaded on a PDA (say N800) or another new workstation
from the LDAP server, as well as imposing settings for my users.

While the first one can be solved by a NFS or CIFS mount, the second one
is not really that elegantly solved.

>From my point of view it's the most elegant approach to this problem and
I hope that the Fedora Project plans to include it's wonderful
functionality into future versions of the distribution.

I am aware of the fact that everything that APOC does can be replicated
using some other mechanisms, but none is as elegant as storing
everything in a LDAP server, and it obviously makes more sense to do so
considering that FreeIPA and Samba4 and many other projects base their
data storage on LDAP.

With stuff like this, easily manageable UNIX desktops seem to be closer
every day.

I am rather curious on what you guys think.


P.S.: Before you ask, YES it's GPL 2.0 (dual-licensed with CDDL) and
it's hosted at freedesktop.org ( http://apoc.freedesktop.org/wiki/ to be
more exact)

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