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Upstream package splitted into sub-packages: ipe, figtoipe.


One of my packages, ipe, has been splitted upstream into two sub-packages. 
ipe-6.0pre28 was shipping the tool "figtoipe", and as for ipe-6.0pre30 
figtoipe is now another tarball.

What could I do?

  1- I can use two sources to build my package, and let the package 
ipe-6.0-0.23.pre30 ship figtoipe.
  2- I can make figtoipe be a sub-package.
  3- I can submit a review request for figtoipe, as it is an external tool.

What is the best solution? figoipe-20071004.tar.gz is a very small tarball: 
11KB. See http://luaforge.net/frs/?group_id=305

Anyway, if I split ipe into two packages, or two sub-packages, how can I 
provide an upgrade path for users that assume that /usr/bin/figtoipe is 
provided by ipe, without adding a hard-coded Requires? I am not sure that a 
solution exists.

Laurent Rineau

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