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Re: Package/System-specific repoquery

Le mardi 04 décembre 2007 à 10:49 -0700, Richi Plana a écrit :

> It's actually pretty important meta-info ... perhaps not for desktop or
> server users, but developers could use that info. I understand that RPM
> or rpmbuild examines the contents of JAR files.

Jars are pretty much a lost cause, we never managed to support them
properly, they've not been designed for rpm-like dep checking and
they're likely to be discontinued before we get decent support even if
we started a new effort today.

OSGi and the Modules bit SUN is adding to Java 7


however present good rpm integration potential. But someone
knowledgeable with java and rpm needs to create the metadata bridge (it
would be especially interesting for the Java 7 modules bit, as it's
still not finalised, so it's still possible to get the SUN spec tweaked
to help rpm integration)

I'm not volunteering :p


Nicolas Mailhot

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