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Re: About postfix dovecot and vmail

Nevruz Mesut Sahin wrote:
Dear friend yesterday I rent a server AMD 64 which is installed fedora core 6 on the machine and apache 2.2.6, bind 9.3.4 MySQL 5.0.27, Postfix 2.4.5 dovecot 1.0.3, were installed on the machine. I configured apache bind and mysql successfully. But couldn't configured postfix and dovecot. I have more than 20 domains which I want to run on this server. to list services which are working on the server service --status-all I have written in the terminal and I got list below. would you please help me how can I configere mail server with virtual hosts. what is the best way for me.

This is not a user support list. Please take your question to a more appropriate place like http://fedoraforum.org.

Aside from this, I think in order to support virtual domains postfix and dovecot need to be built against vpopmail. vpopmail does not ship in Fedora for one reason or another. I tried it a few years ago, but gave up and haven't heard anyone asking for it since. I do recall that we avoided some nasty security holes in some component (don't remember which) in RHEL because we didn't build against vpopmail.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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