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Re: BIND will completely drop D-BUS dynamic forwarders table support

On Dec 7, 2007 3:05 PM, Olivier Galibert <galibert pobox com> wrote:
> A user process can listen in on root-root dbus communications?

I think issue here is this.
If there are unpriviledged clients that could use legitimately use the
"change state" broadcast notice, they'd also have access to the actual
state information if the specifics of the new dns information comes
bundled with the change state notice.

Whereas if you did via the roundtrip where one of the dns services saw
the signal and then asked NM for the specific information, you could
still have under-priviledged clients on the bus receive the change of
state signal, but not the specific information because NM would know
which services to hand that information to.

-jef"my existence is hypothetical at best"spaleta

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