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Re: OMGWTF !! Remote Desktop in Fedora 8

> On Dec 8, 2007 7:25 AM, Kulbir Saini <kulbirsaini students iiit ac in> wrote:
>>    Problem: When I login to my system using 'vncviewer <IP>:0', i can access
>> everything on the remote pc but the problem is the screen on server system
>> (system with <IP>) unlocks and everything that I do remotely is replicated
>> on the actual system.
>>    Somebody will say, wtf? it is designed to be so. But the problem is the
>> screen unlocks and anybody in my lab can capture my system and do whatever
>> he/she wants.
>>    Its a big security issue.
>>    And somebody may even get a heart attack when he/she sees that the mouse
>> is
>> static and no human being is near the pc and still the windows are opening
>> and closing and some text is being typed in terminal :-O :P
> This is working as designed.   You can use the vncserver daemon to
> create virtual desktops, as many as the system resources of your
> system can support, these will not be visible on the desktop.   Then
> you can connect to any of these virtual desktops from the console or
> remotely as you desire.
> Brett

  But the with vncviewer doesn't give you the desktop you have on the server.
It creates/initializes another desktop env and give access to it. And Remote
Desktop gives access to the exact desktop you have opened on the server. So,
when I connect to the Remote Desktop, it unlocks the screen on the server
and anybody who is nearby can capture the machine.

Thank you,
Kulbir Saini,
Computer Science and Engineering,
International Institute of Information Technology,
Hyderbad, India - 500032.

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