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Re: OMGWTF !! Remote Desktop in Fedora 8

On Dec 8, 2007 8:45 AM, Kulbir Saini <kulbirsaini students iiit ac in> wrote:
>   But the with vncviewer doesn't give you the desktop you have on the server.
> It creates/initializes another desktop env and give access to it. And Remote
> Desktop gives access to the exact desktop you have opened on the server. So,
> when I connect to the Remote Desktop, it unlocks the screen on the server
> and anybody who is nearby can capture the machine.

This is what you said the first time and I gave you a work around.
Perhaps implementing an option to keep the desktop blank would be
useful, in the WinDoze world LogMeIn gives you this option, which is
what you may be looking for long-term.

In the mean time, if you want privacy, create a virtual, hidden
desktop and then connect to it from were ever you want, from the
server's desktop or a remote system.  This would be more secure in a
number of ways including being about to logout, not just lock the
server's desktop at the end of the day without losing your work.

Good luck,


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