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Re: OMGWTF !! Remote Desktop in Fedora 8

Kulbir Saini wrote:

  But the with vncviewer doesn't give you the desktop you have on the server.
It creates/initializes another desktop env and give access to it. And Remote
Desktop gives access to the exact desktop you have opened on the server. So,
when I connect to the Remote Desktop, it unlocks the screen on the server
and anybody who is nearby can capture the machine.

The approach I use is to always use the freenx server and the free NX client from www.nomachine.com instead of the console even for access in the same office. It is fast enough that you barely notice the difference if at all - and you can connect from windows or a Mac as well as Linux. Then when you leave you can suspend the session and there is nothing visible until you reconnect although everything keeps running. One thing that makes this practical for me is that I have a dual-monitor windows box on my desk and I park the NX client so it fills one of the monitors, giving the effect of a separate machine except it doesn't have to be nearby and I can cut and paste between programs on both systems, but it works so well that I'd consider it even if I only had a single machine. You could log in as a dummy user that couldn't directly access anything important, then run everything in an NX session connected back to the same machine as your real user and when you connect remotely you'd get the session no one can see.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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